buy books in places
you’ve never been
with faces that hold familiar eyes
and smiles you could never forget

snap a photo at dawn
in the cold, cold rain
of a bridge to nowhere
in particular

blink sleep away
as the storms roll in
watch, breathless
as tides batter coasts

drift smoke into the sky
while strangers pass
but never, ever
on the square

talk to everyone
and play their games
we will never
be this young again.

i know, the feeling of alone. 


reaching out to something

in the dark,

At first morning light. 

cannot touch it–

it’s too far now. 

But the fire’s brilliant, bright. 

not searching for what’s lost

it’s worse. 

It’s left behind.  

forgotten, possibly

mistaken, maybe

Perfection, potentially. 


are home to me. 

what i did i thought needed be done


i had an ache in my shoulder
from falling asleep tangled
and a tightness in my chest
just from being awake

you had mumbling dreams
as i listened in the dark
we had light in our eyes
and they all said so

my shoulder is better
from not sleeping at all
but it aches everywhere else
just from being awake

you’ll keep dreaming
without me listening
the light was all mine
and they all said so