about alex.



I’m Alex, and I write this blog.

I like peanut butter, dark chocolate, coffee, dogs, spring and fall, science, naps, doing nice things for people,  and mountains. I do not like alarm clocks, scribbled out words on an otherwise pristine page of writing, or hearing the sound of my own voice.

I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and although I grew up an Army brat, I have lived in North Carolina for longer than I’ve lived anywhere else (mostly in Fayetteville and Boone).

Blogging is not my profession, nor do I have any training in writing beyond excellent, encouraging English teachers throughout my schooling (and that one time I wrote a master’s thesis).

There is a good chance that all of the following topics will be explored in this collection of posts:

  • The fact that I am enthusiastic about health and fitness, though simultaneously obsessed with food and a little bit lazy
  • Science, and how it is awesome
  • The challenges of owning a pit bull that thinks he is a person
  • Food. All the food. Including pictures and/or recipes related to foods I’m currently excited about and the blogs and websites I frequent in search of the next delicious bite
  • ‘Dear Diary’ style writing aimed at no one in attempts to work through the 29th year of my life, followed by the 30th

Thank you for reading.

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