What is a Challenge Group?


Not sure what a Challenge Group is, or how it can help you?

A challenge group is designed to help you succeed!

  • It is a 30, 60, or 90 day group that is run from a closed Facebook Group, meaning that no one but the people in the group can see anything posted there.
  • The purpose of the group is to provide information to the challengers in a central “location”. The group serves as:

o   a platform to share goals.

o   a place to discuss and work through obstacles.

o   a collection of nutrition and fitness tips that you can go back to access throughout the challenge.

o   a place to see examples of meal plans and get the tools to make your own.

o   a place to share healthy recipes.

o   a source of motivation and inspiration.

….and more!

 What do you need to join?

A Challenge Group starts with a CHALLENGE PACK, which includes:

  1. A home workout program of your choice to keep
  2. The program’s nutrition guide
  3. 30 days supply of Shakeology on Home Direct (automatic shipments every 30 days with discounted shipping)
  4. Your FREE Team Beachbody Coach (that would be ME!) to help you stay accountable while you work towards your health and fitness goals!
  5. 30 day trial of Team Beachbody Club Membership, which includes:
    • 10% discount on all products
    • live chats with celebrity trainers
    • FREE customized meal planning
If you don’t know which fitness program is right for you, I can help you choose the best fit!
Want to know more about Shakeology? Just ask!

 What can I expect from my coach?

  • Daily posts to motivate you and/or provide you with tips and tricks for exercise and nutrition.
  • A 24 hour a day / 7 day a week resource for help and support.
  • A kick in the pants when you need it!

 What does my coach expect from me?

  • Commitment to working every day to achieve your goals.

o   Don’t worry, I can help you remember your goals when the going gets tough!

  • The WANT to succeed.

o   I’ll help with the “how”!

  • Daily participation:

o   Do the work.

o   Follow the meal plan.

o   Take 5 minutes a day to read posts in the group and to pose yourself to let us all know how you’re doing!

 Ready for the Challenge?

here’s what to do next in 5 easy stepS!
  1. Fill out this Challenge Group Interest Form (click to open form in a new page).
  2. Browse all off your Challenge Pack options at TeamBeachbody.com(<~ click the link to follow the link to browse challenge packs, sort them by fitness level, and   compare programs)!
  3. When you’re ready to order, head on over to my Coach Website
    • Click SHOP from the three choices across the middle Team Beachbody Coach
    • Shop By Challenge Packs:

      shop by challenge pack

4.  Once it’s official–I’m your coach!!– I’ll invite you to join the next Challenge Group in a closed Facebook group. Add me on Facebook!

5.  We’ll get started on the journey to reaching your health and fitness goals!

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